Computer Repair

If your computer is giving you trouble and your not sure what to do, call us for a free consultation. We can discuss over the phone the details of your problem and determine if an on-site service is needed. Constant error screens or programs that aren't working correctly can be diagnosed and fixed. Virus and Spyware removal, firewall and advanced program protection, wired and wireless networks, and many more services available.

Software Install/Updates

Technology is changing so vastly each day, that it's critical to keep your software programs and PC up-to-date. Even though your programs are working fine right now, errors can occur due to the changes in computer programming each day. Software and computer systems can increase both productivity and profits in every business. Deciding which software will help your business the most is part of our job. Let us explain to you the deciding factors of many new software programs in todays market.

Hardware Upgrades and Installation

If you are looking to add a network card, memory(RAM), extra hard drive space, sound cards, processors, printers or other hardware, General Web can help. Replacing the hardware in your PC can be a dangerous and extremely time consuming job if all hardware compatibility issues aren't taken into consideration. We research the details of each system before performing any work, assuring that your system will be backed up and stable.

Website Design
For businesses, a website can be an essential tool in its growth. We focus our efforts on professional web design while ensuring that website visitors convert into new leads. Whether you’re starting out and need a new website or require specialized development to meet your specific needs, General Web Contracting can handle it.
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Computer Support
General Web Contracting is devoted to helping people take care of their computer problems which they just don't have time for. Our job is to provide the fastest possible service with the lowest cost solution and minimal down time for everyone. Call us today for a fast, free estimate.
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Hard Drive Recovery
It happens to all of us at some point -- we log into the computer and our files that we have been saving for years are suddenly missing or worse yet, the computer won't even turn on. Hard drives go bad and there are steps that can be taken to recover your files. The sooner action is taken, the more likely you are to recover your deleted or crashed hard drive.
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Digital Graphic & Logo Design
General Web Contracting can help design and print custom graphics for you or your company. There are various file types of graphics required for different industry's such as Print, Web Display, Embroidery, Digital Media, etc. Company logos, brochures, vector artwork, and restaurant menu's are just some of the items we have helped customers develop in the past.
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